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Owners: Paul & Sally Connell


Paul M. Connell is a retired disabled Veteran. He served in the Army for ten years and joined the National Guard for thirty years. He worked fulltime in Army Aviation for over twenty years. He was forced to retire at the age of sixty.


While serving for our country, Paul took his first photography course in 1974. Because of his passion for photography, he took as many classes that he could. Every chance that he had open time that would fit into another class, he took them. The more he learned, the more he wanted to learn. 


Paul believes in doing a good quality job and says, " I don't know that there are any short cuts to doing a good job, but to take your time and not take any short cuts because if you leave out a step, you do a poor job." He gives 110% effort to quality and perfection no matter what he does.



Sally M. Connell  is a mother of three children who are all grown up. As a child, Sally had a passion for art and later went to college for an illustrations degree and a graphics degree. In doing so, she has learned every aspect of computer programs that focused on photography, art, & graphic art. While her children were growing up, she took many pictures of her children that she could. In doing so, she found a passion for photography and utilized every moment she could to learn something new in the field of photography. When she met her husband in 2010, she went to a higher leval as Paul  helped her to explore her creativity behind the camera.

Sally has worked as a graphic artist for Why Not Screen Printing for five years. She has conquered the graphic skills with much hard effort and positive attitude, not giving up till the job is done right. Sally's attitude has always been to give 110% of effort and exellance in whatever she does. She goes above and beyond in satisfying the customers.


Paul & Sally together have taken their talents and passion to a greater level. They have purchased a toy hauler and transformed it into a mobile studio. Rather than bring you to the studio, they have decided to take the studio to you where you can see the professional services that they have to offer to you as well as create the special moment right there on the spot. From the photos that they take on the spot, they take another step to create products utilizing their photographic and artistic skills  that will give the customers the special moment of their lives captured and placed on one of our products that the customer selects. They order the finest product possible.












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